How to rotate a bezier curve to put a roll in a rollercoaster track?

I have successfully created a rollercoaster track for a scene in my animation. However, I am trying to get the track to do a corkscrew, and the bezier curve will not rotate to allow for this. In the less confusing phrasing, I have no clue how to control the bank/tilt of the track at any point of the rollercoaster. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Select the Bezier curve control point(s) then CTRL-T. Alternatively you can use the “Tilt” button on the T toolbar-> Tools sidebar. Also from the 3D menu bar, choose Curve-> Control Points-> Tilt. The keyboard shortcuts are shown there. ALT-T will reset the tilt.


Thank you. It’s working now.

And, just for the record (this actually threw me for a loop, so to speak, for a little while …) remember that curves can be 2D or 3D. “Where are all the control…” oh, “D’oh!” :slight_smile:

Yeah, thanks, I figured out pretty quickly if I wanted a rollercoaster I had to leave the 2D button alone… I almost messed the layout up to the point I would have had to start over… it’s a good thing there’s such a thing as an undo button.

Oh thank you SIR!