How to rotate an object centered around another object in game engine (2.57)

I am trying to rotate an object so that it rotates around another object in the blender game logic, sort of like if I were to rotate the object around the 3d cursor. Does anybody know how this can be done?

You can vertex parent a emty to the object.


VertexParent.blend (152 KB)

That works great but say I want the object (person) to be able to move freely after the object (maze) has rotated around it without (maze) moving with. What would I do then. Also the (person) needs to be a dynamic and the (maze) has to be static. I can’t seem to figure out how to rotate the maze around the person and still have the person move separately and be affected by walls and such. I’ve tried using a couple mouse look codes but they never seem to work, so I’m now going with a different approach. Any thoughts? Also thanks for the previous comment!

I found an Blender 2.49b example blend. Did you mean something like this? But that is the same as I posted before. You only need to parent the camera (not the sphere) to the empty and rotate the empty with the mouse look script . I can change later the code to Blender 2.57 if that is that what you want.
Or did you mean something like move_to_cam or CamRotate_Free (Blender 2.57).


3rdPersonAdventureTemplateWIP1.blend (224 KB)CamRotate_Free.blend (132 KB)

The “move to cam” and “camrotate” are the exact type of logic I was trying to preform!!! Thank you so much for helping me with this! I really appreciate that!