how to rotate an object on its local axes while following a curve path

Hello everybody,

I am trying to make a object rotate on one of its local axes while it is following a path curve.
basically the idea is that the object rotates or spins while it follows the curve path in a animations.

I hope someones know how to do that. I am attaching the blend file.

many thanks in advance


local rotation while on a path.blend (598 KB)

Animate your object around the global axis
Add an empty
Parent your object to the empty
Set the empty to follow the curve path
You can then rotate the empty however you want but the original object will continue to rotate around its local axis.

i found the solution.
i just putted a follow path constraint on the cube that follows the path.
without parenting. and it seems before you put the constraint you have to make the three axes of the path and the object (in my case the cube) align exactly the same, this can be done by clearing the rotation of you object and path if you have rotated them slightly. and putting the same axes orientation for path and object, i did local setting.

local rotation while on a path corrected.blend (367 KB)

thanks for the help.

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Hello everybody,

I guess the first problem is solved but now i am facing with a rather strange problem.
for some reason i tried again to make a cube follow a path on a curve path with a fallow path constraint. but somehow it does not animate.
now in the attached blend you’ll find two cube that does follow the path in the animation but the third cube seems to be stuck at the beginning and never fallows the path in the animation like the rest. follow a path strangeness.blend (379 KB)

I would be really thankfull is someone could tell me what went wrong.

with warm regards,

Just key the evaluation time in the graph editor between the frames you want the animation to happen. It should work.