How to rotate cursor in 2.8

In 2.8 the cursor now ha a 3D rotation but how can we rotate it?

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I found it, while clicking to place the cursor, we see some tips in the footer. We need to press R while maintainning the click. It allows to rotate around the screen plane. But Pablo said in a blender today video that it will be improved in the future.

By the way the tips also tell that you can resize it by pressing s but this crash blender (2.80 Alpha 2)

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We would like to rotate cursor two times at least (i.e. from front view first, side view second) in order to set cursor’s rotation precisely. But, Once I click cursor to place it, it’s rotation is changed. I wonder if there is any way to solve this. :sob:

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Thank you so much! I got what I needed with GizmoPieMenu.

1, Switch to the Object Mode.
2, Show GizmoPieMenu with Alt + Q, and click “Move Cursor”. Now, you got Empty Arrow named “XCursor” and move it.
3, Rotate it by “0 Rot Cursor”.
4, Click “Comform” and the original cursor is ready to go.