How to rotate object pivot point manually

Is it posible to rotate the object’s center (pivot, local axes) manually?
Sometimes it is very usefull to orient the object’s coordinate system for texturing, modifying and animation purposes.
I’ve searched the forum but similar question was posted in 2005. So I hope there are some improvements about this problem.

Rotate the object while in edit mode (vertices move but the center point/axis will stay put).

But nothing new:)
So I assume that there is no any script or tool yet for doing this by the easier way?

Not that I know of, but I’m not as knowledgeable as others here. Actually, after replying here I went looking for another method too. No luck -but I did finally find out what that “move object centers only” button is for. :slight_smile:

Actually I didn’t understand your question well but if you wanna move the center of an object just place the cursor where you’d like the new centerpoint to be and push the “Center Cursor” button on the Mesh Panel of the Edit Menu(F9).

Larry I also tought that “move object centers only” button could help, but it has another purpose:) I think the pop up explanation is a bit missleading.
Moremun - I meant - to orient the object center (i.e. to rotate it) without changing objects’s geometry in the global coordinate system (the mesh is not moved, rotated etc.).
Imagine if you have two objects with different orienation of the pivots (if you enable Draw Extra -> Axis you will see their direction). If you want both centers to have the same X, Y and Z axis orientation, what will you do?

Use Object Menu-> Scripts -> Axis Orientation Copy. You must have at least 2 objects selected. The axis rotation will be copied from the “active” (last selected) object to all the others.

Wow… I never noticed that before. There really doesn’t seem to be an easy (any) way to rotate an object’s axis. Unless I’m missing something.

Yes it is misleading if you don’t catch the true meaning of the plural (centers). I never thought to try it with more than one object selected. Was a mystery to me. Never could find info on it before now.

Wow, thanks! (There you go, Syziph). I wish I had known about that before now. Would’ve come in real handy a few weeks ago. Duh. I really need to research all the preloaded scripts one of these days.

It’s easy enough to do but it’s a multi-step process either way you do it -manually as I described or with the script mentioned above.

Thanks again, CD38.

Yes… But CD38 is assuming that you have other objects to copy the axis from. What if you don’t? I suppose you could create a dummy object or maybe even an empty to copy from after you have it oriented the way you want, but that’s seems kind-of like walking around the block just to go next door!

I thought that’s what Syziph was asking about:

Imagine if you have two objects with different orienation of the pivots (if you enable Draw Extra -> Axis you will see their direction). If you want both centers to have the same X, Y and Z axis orientation, what will you do?

So we agree. Easy but multi-step. There is no debate here. :slight_smile:

I think the sollution was found:yes:
Thanks for all your replies!

Oh I’m not disagreeing with you. Sorry if it sounded that way.

Just seems a little strange to me that often on here and other Blender boards, users are often discussing upgrades to Fluids, Softbodies and the like, yet you can’t even easily rotate the local object axis?? Hmmmmmm…

In other packages like C4D it’s just the polar opposite. It’s almost too easy as I often found myself rotating the axis when I meant to rotate the object itself.

Anyway… just venting. I’ll go away now.

Yeah, a button would be nice. Surely it has been requested or talked about before now (?), but maybe it’s a big coding job to implement. Basic features do tend to reside deep in the guts of an app.

Going away now too. :slight_smile:

maybe I I don’t understand the question. If you rotate the object in object mode the axis rotates if you rotate the object in edit mode the only the verts rotate so set the axis in object mode and the verts in edit mode. It does seem like a button to rotate objects axis only would be nice (it probably is their some ware)

Wow… Indeed… :confused:

I love the way how easily you can switch between Pivot Points in Blender, but the lack of a way to actually EDIT yourself the object’s pivot (or “object’s origin point” even) really drives me crazy. The object’s pivot should be easily accessible for the user, it’s quite essential if you want to do simple things like animate cartoon eyes meshes without any kind of rig.

If only there was a way to set a ROTATION for the 3d cursor it would make the walking around the block smaller…


Did this script stoped working on 2.48.1…?? :eek:

I don’t get step 3 from this tutorial.

I understand a bit of Python, the source code is here, but never did anything Blender related…

It still works. The tutorial neglects to indicate this is a built-in script: Object menu -> Scripts -> Axis Orientation Copy.

I’ve found the script on the interface, but nothing happens. Even the latest source version, 2.46+dsfg-6:

Has many error cases and none of them shows up.

Maybe I should download some plugin/script packages? I cannot find anywhere. :?

EDIT: Ok, found it. They were at hidden /.blender, plus from a previous install I still had a /home/.blender with configuration files that I think were pointing to a non existant installation of Blender. Installed 2.46 from the Repository and the 2.48 scripts started working.