HOw to rotate rigid body objects.

Hi there,
I have question. We are trying to rotate object which are used in rigid body simlulation.

Here is the example from Cinema 4D.

We are trying to achieve similar results in Blender. The think is that for me there is no way how to rotate object like in a Particle system along their axes, since Particle system is not collaborating with rigid body simulation.

Do you have simple ideas? how to rotate this objects? Very slowly.

Thank you :).


you could let your rigidbodies blow by a wind force with disabled gravity against a couple of invisible colliders, this way they get a rotation start impulse and will keep rotating as they fly further.

See the attached blend. You may have to tweak the locations and sizes of the colliders so the rigidbodies dont get stuck at them.

collrotation.blend (576 KB)

Thank you. Really good example :).