how to rotate (spin) a mes to the left (long story)

(MrE) #1

Being new to blender < two weeks) i scavenged the net for tutorials to help me on my way.
A lot of tutorials i have seen seem to leave out some steps in the process. Most of the times i can figure it out by my self, but not this time.

At the moment i am working on this tutorial the problem i have is that when i want to spin the exterior of the rotor (step 6) it only spins to the left and makes a big loop. ( i clicked the clockwise button to try if yhay changed the direction of the spin, but to no avail)

When i moved the mesh for the exterior to the right and spin it and that worked, but it still formed an enormous loop (resizing only left me withe a deformd exterior).

When i moved on to the jet engine tutorial on the same page, i ran in trouble when trying to spin-dub the flaps. when i do that it spins around a very small center making a clustered cone of flaps.

My question is: is there something i am overseeing (did the maker of the tutorial leave something out that is ‘for granted’) or is it something that is wrong with blender (sometimes when i start blender up and i try to spin (step 6) it still rotates to the left but in the right proportion. when i then do a reload of my saved work and try it again the proportions are huge again)

(z3r0 d) #2

did you want to know that the spin, spindup, and corkskrew commands rotate around the window’s z axis, and around the cursor?

the cursor location is set with LMB or shift+s and [curs->sel] or [curs->grid]

… and I don’t believe it was mentioned that scaling (and translating) can be confined to a single axis with the middle mouse button. Start the action in the direction of the axis you want to make changes in, then press the middle button.

(MrE) #3

PERFECT, although your message didn’t make sense to me at first, i now understand that the 3d cursor is the point that forms the center when i make a spin.

thanks a lot for your help.