How to rotate vertices with a pythonscript?

Hi all !

I am new to python.

I need am python script to rotate all vertices from an given objekt in Blender (i.g. Suzanne). It is important that each vertex will be rotated and not the object as whole unit.

Who has an idea how to write the scriptcode?

from Blender import *
me = Mesh.Get('Mesh')
rotmat = Mathutils.RotationMatrix(30, 4, 'x') # 4x4 rotation matrix, 30d about the x axis. 
for v in me.verts: = * rotmat

It works! Thank you

But how can I transform Suzanne by a general Matrix Transformation Y=A x , with A Matrix and x vertex vektor?

I dont follow, Y=A x
Do you want to rotate about a vector or normal?
if you want to mix you can multiple the rotation matrix by a transforma matrix by a scale etc,

Let x be vertex and A be a Matrix. Then in mathematics you can transform each vertex with the linear transformation y = A x. Thats what i want.
Problem is: some linear transformations in mathematics are not rotations or a scale.
i,g. A = Matrix[(1,1,1)(0,1,0)(0,01)]