How to rotate VNormal

Hello guys, is there any way to rotate v normal?:smiley:

I was working with dupliverts when realizing this problem, please look at the picture
the child is the “nuts” and I use some “vertice that aligned” as parent,
the duplivert do a great job because the nuts aligned and rotated nicely according to vnormals
but the problem is: the v normals doesn’t face the right angle, so any idea how to rotate the v normal?

(sorry for my bad english)

there’s no way to rotate a vertex normal - I think what you’re seeing is that the vnormals are confused, as they probably need a face to better mathematically define which way is ‘out’. You can create faces as needed, they’re not rendered anyway with dupliverts enabled. also make sure your tracking is right, which it looks like it is.
see attached


duplivert_ex.blend (170 KB)

@dschnell: so if i want to have vnormals to point as wanted, i need to use faces not only vertices
OK I think I get it thanks dschnell

I solved this problem for controlling the nuts with using duplifaces instead dupliverts.

I make faces from vertices (that created using retopo tool) and use shrinkwarp modifier to get stick it properly with skin layer.

duplifaces is easier to control i think. Just for sharing, thanks!

(sorry for double post)

it would be nice if dupliverts and duplifaces could be affected by vertexGrouping for even better control. Maybe turn it into a modifier.

yes I agree with you deschnell, I actually don’t really understand why dupliverts and duplifaces are placed in anim setting, maybe i just haven’t use it for animation purposes. I always use it for modelling and i think it may will be better if it placed in modifier stack,
and I notice one thing, why if the parent model is mirrored using modifier, the child doesn’t follow it. so i need to mirror it directly in edit mode, not really harming but quite annoying (maybe it just me)

btw it still great tools, thanks for reply!