how to rotate your character by moving your mouse.

i guys I wanted to know how can I rotate my character by moving the mouse around it

you have to use a system like track to, and have the mouse drag around the target

the .blend is a game I made to learn about how to make games so feel free to distribute,
just credit me with making it where you can :slight_smile:
there is a lot of stuff you can learn / change etc from this old chunk of game,
from when I did to understand the same issue :slight_smile:


BroBotsMouse (2).blend (1.77 MB)

@BluePrintRandom@ thank you for the blend file it helped me to understand a little of what i have to do,but the only thing which i still don’t get is how can rotate the character (without moving the camera) rotate every-time i move the mouse in a direction without clicking.

the object Player is has the one script in it
I think camera has the other
one sec, I will isolate what you need

here is just the camera with the script in it, and another object :slight_smile:


Example2.blend (1.47 MB)

thank you for the help and the quick replies

No problem , happy blending!!