How to RSS feed movies (vimeo, Youtube, Miro, ...)


I spend some weeks on trying to find a nice way to upload, organize and also stream video clips of modeling and rendering demos.

Youtube and Vimeo seems to be some solid systems for uploading images.

But what would be the most convenient way to than actually stream or notify a subscriber about a new upload?

I looked into Blip.TV and others together with iTunes. iTunes has podcasts but it takes days till the new video is uploaded.

Anybody has a tip? I am not sure if what I am looking for is even available.

Check out this site for some screencasts that might help. A blog with an RSS feed is what i think you’re after.
I’m just starting to look into this myself. The RSS feed tut is on the last page, just keep clicking continue at the bottom of the page and you’ll find it

I figured out on how to use it with iTunes and Miro.

I missunderstood iTunes. I was under the impression it takes 1 to 2 weeks for each movie to be updated as a podcast.
Once you have you cast updated it can fetch instantly each new movie from Blip.TV for example.

This way I can distribute the movies right into iTunes, and everybody has it in my classes.

On vimeo are some RSS feeds that can be updated by their owners for blender related videos. These streams I have added to Planet Blender.

@cekuhnen - when you get a feed done, can you please notify me with the link? I’d like to add it to Planet Blender then :slight_smile:


Here is the feed:

I am beginning to populate it over the semester. I deleted the old ones. At the moment those are small how to movie clips and later show some product speed modeling.

And I am sorry for my accent - it sounds kinda strange when I hear myself speaking English.


Feed added! Should show up with the next update cycle (~15 minutes from this writing). (And your accent is a great one :slight_smile: )


I have to see how I can re-organize the movies.
I have not yet figured out on how to use the playlists in Blip.TV.

But I would like to be able to create chapters, for lets say how-too, and modeling steps.