How to run a blender standalone game without blender?

Hey guys! I’m working an an indie horror game using blender, and I wanted to figure out how to export it. I know that you can do this easily with the addon “save engine runtime”, but I don’t want people to have to install blender to play the game. If you know how to get around this, please drop a reply!

The add-on is how you do it - runtimes generated in this method don’t require Blender to run. They probably would require what Blender requires to run, though (i.e. MSVC executable for Windows). Check the Blender download page for some possible info.

You don’t need blender to run the runtime. Just pack the external files if you want and save game engine runtime.

Using the addon all you do is copy your .blend file inside a file called “blenderplayer” wich is a mini-version of blender that contains only the nesscesary things to run the game. When you distribuite your game you include the blenderplayer (reason why your game that should be 5mb actually is 105mb), so people that downloads the package doesn’t need to install anything (they will be using the blenderplayer).

Notice tough that blenderplayer is GPL, and anything you put inside it also becomes GPL licensed. You can make the blenderplayer run your game without putting the .blend inside, but that’s not something the addon will do for you. You can use BGECore Launcher for more advanced options, it’s harder to use tough.

Thanks! That helps a lot, but that raises the question would that mean that anyone could distribute or sell the game?

People can only sell what is bound and distributed with the blender player,

the best case scenario to sell blender games, would be if the blender player was like steam.

Opening the player checked a directory for installed games, - clicking the game would launch it,

So basically, we all give away the blender player, and sell our games on a market.

you could also include a system to use the blender game market to download / pay for the games.

Ahh. kk, thanks!