How to run an actuator throu Python?

As I am get used to BGE( just one week) I stand infront a problem…
(I will try my best with english)
Let’s say that I have an always sensor with active the true level trigering of the pulse mode so to have this sensor to run in evry game loop. Right?
This sensor it’s conected to a python script. and the script to a motion actuator.
Thru python I change the valueas of the motion actuator but I cannot execute it.
What I mean… to make the object to move I add another controller with the parrameter “AND”. After that I conect the Always sensor to that controller and then to the motion actuator.
How I can execute the Motion actuator thru Python?

I wroted a big explanation hoping to present the problem. I hope I don’t confused you with me writing.

Aaaa I almost forgot. Bullet rocks.

add following line to your script:

GameLogic.addActiveActuator(act, 1)

where act is your actuator.

Thanks ashsid.