how to run BGE in polarizated stereoscopic view on dome made from 3 planes?

hi folks, long time no seen…

I want to know if it’s possible for blender 2.49b (or 2.5) BGE to run in polarized stereoscopic mode on “U” shaped ‘dome’?

configuration ifno -> 3 PCs, each have output to 2 projectors with polarized filters… those 2 projectors back projecting images on big plane
there are 3 big planes (each 3x2,1m with 1400x1050px resolution) and they are at right angle to each other so it’s front, left and right panels - shaped in “U” dome
it’s passive polarizated stereoscopic

so 3 PCs, 6 polarized projectors and 3 planes… how to setup BGE to run on this “U” shape, how to synchronise it on 3 machines and how to get polarized stereo effect?

please I’m dying for help

?? I find dfelinto’s dome projection addition to bge and it can run in envmap mode so I can get front, left and right image from it somehow but how to make it polarized stereo

?? should I run one app on one PC (let’s say for front plane) and try to send images for left and right planes thru network

many thanks in advance for any info that could lead to conclusion (please have in mind I’m not a programmer)

You need to synchronize the blender applications as used for multiplayer. So you could look for some network scripts (Bzoo, WSAG). As this is time critical you need to optimize the scripts. (Yes, you need scripting!).

I would suggesst following:

  • have one PC (mabe separate) dealing as master. This one runs the blender scene with all input. The render window can be a very tiny window (impoves speed). It will not be projected anywhere.
  • There are three blender applications running as slaves. They do not get any input except over the network from master. They render to the projectors.
  • The master performs the scene logic and sends the scene state (objects transformation) to the slaves. All three slaves get the same information at nearly the same time.
  • The three slaves set their scenes according to the received data and render it to the projectors.
  • The slaves differenciate by the active camera: This means the left projector slave renders the left view camera, the center the center camera etc… You might play with the projection modes as well, I have no experience with them.

Polarized projectors have nothing to do with blender itself. It depends how the projectors needs its input.
Maybe you can find some stereo input methods in the game framing setting (F10) that you could use.

If the projectors are like dual monitors you could use

  • extended desktop with one blender application (in stereo mode “side by side”) or
  • two blender applications synchronized (means you have 3x2 = 6 blender applications running). This method could get trouble with timing.
    you have to try out.

I hope it helps somehow.

I don’t think the dome mode will be what you need. From the look of it what you have is a system more like a Cave. The biggest problem with Caves and BGE is that the traditional solution involves multiple machines running the same environment 100% synced.
Nevertheless the easiest solution for BGE would be to use one single computer with a Matrox TripleHead on each of the 2 outputs of your system. Therefore you can a have a “SPAN” ned desktop with 3x2 times your original output. Note, Span desktop works well in Linux and old versions of Windows. Vista and Win 7 don’t support that out of the box.

There are other solutions of course, but it will depend on your system.

My suggestion is to first make it work with multiple viewports in a single computer simulating the output needed for the Matrox configuration (6 cameras filling the whole screen).

I hope this helped. Do you mind explaining better what is your project about?