How to run Blender on the Playstation 5

This article:

says that the PS5 will run Linux, so - do we just download the normal Blender that’s on the website and run it, or…do something else? Will EEVEE with realtime raytracing work?? And will we be able to run the game engines on it like Godot, Armory etc??

Probably not to be consumed out of the box, cuz it’ll most likely be some special Sony flavored soup… as usual.

Yeah, but I’d like to RUN Blender on it, so…how to get word through to the devs??

According to wikipedia, PS3 and PS4 both used custom forks of FreeBSD (not Linux).

The Linux kernel is GPL2, so Sony would have to make source code available to anyone who owned a playstation, whereas the license for FreeBSD is more permissive. So it figures that Sony will probably stick with using a customised version of FreeBSD, rather than Linux.

So the Linux builds of blender probably won’t work on PS5, you’ll instead need a version for FreeBSD (and probably you’d need to build from source, and maybe make some custom fixes to the code to get it working)

?? Read this:

Note that PS3 was a “Cell” CPU while the 5 will, AFAIK, be normal x86_64 - otherwise I wouldn’t have asked the question. (well, still not Impossible I suppose). So - MUCH closer of a platform to get Linux+Blender working, just from intuition. Now, EEVEE has to be tailored for the 5’s GPU - is this happening? :slight_smile: