how to run game engine with my own hardware?

Hey guys,

Say, I have a range of signals coming in from the serial port to the computer (or usb) and i wish the signals to direct the game engine in blender. How can I do this? Can I use sockets and IP port addresses? Blender offers many different “sensors”, but I don’t know what they all do. Maybe I can use one of them to communicate with another program that I’ll write in C (which reads the voltage values from the USB and pass them on somehow to blender). Any help would be appreciated.


Hey there -

Look into the OSC protocol. It uses common networking protocols, and IIRC you can even get a ready to go Python module for it. Then you’d have to make some sort of program to get your serial data to OSC.

What you want to do isn’t that unusual. You should be able to find out how to set it up by googling.

Here’s an interesting thread with info for the Arduino microcontroller.

And here’s more info on running serial to Py.