how to run the sintel game benchmarks ?

hi all,
I found about the sintel game a bit too late. I’m on blender 2.63 and wanna know if there is a way to know if sintel game can run in my system or not.

In this relation I found this :-

Now the benchmarks are for the old version of blender. Besides that, how do I run the benchmarks ?

These are the files and directories inside the directory :-

~/games/stg_benchmark$ ls
benchmark_2.5.blend  benchmark.blend  scripts  sintel_b.blend  sintel_scripts  textures

I am a total noob when it comes to blender.

Info. about blender :-

$ blender --version
Blender 2.63 (sub 0)
    build date: 2012-05-12
    build time: 18:41:03
    build revision: unknown
    build platform: Linux
    build type: Release
    build c flags:  -fopenmp  -msse2  -msse -pipe -fPIC -funsigned-char -fno-strict-aliasing  -Wall -Wcast-align -Werror=declaration-after-statement -Werror=implicit-function-declaration -Werror=return-type -Wstrict-prototypes -Wno-char-subscripts -Wno-unknown-pragmas -Wpointer-arith -Wunused-parameter -Wwrite-strings -Wno-error=unused-but-set-variable
    build c++ flags:  -D__STDC_CONSTANT_MACROS -fopenmp  -msse2  -msse -pipe -fPIC -funsigned-char -fno-strict-aliasing  -Wall -Wno-invalid-offsetof -Wno-sign-compare
    build link flags: -pthread
    build system: CMake

Hopefully somebody can make some sense of the above and point me in the right direction.

Hey, sintel game dev here.

The benchmark was made quite awhile ago and we have since added a lot to the game. While Blender’s performance has gotten better with recent versions, you will still need a new (2-3 years old) gfx card to run the game at full speed. You can grab the alpha from our site and try it out. If it is running a little slow, you can turn off all the post fx, ssao, tune down the level of detail and play the game at a lower resolution.

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mine is this one :-

$ lspci | grep VGA
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 10)

Ah. Unfortunately, You most likely wont be able to run the game with an integrated graphics processor, sorry.