How to Save a Custom Theme

Sorry for the noob question. I changed the color of my Blender background and then selected Ctrl + U to save the layout, but when I opened Blender 2.5 again the background was the default.

How do you save your settings so they open by default when you launch Blender?

How would I load in my saved settings into a new build?
Can I just paste the script in the scripts folder in blender, then in blender in the Scripts window, go to theme and select the theme?

I am on a mac and I am wondering if you use Autosave? (See image) does it just create unecesary files that fill your HD and what settings work for you?

Not sure about 2.5 but Ctl U saves the default in 2.49. Not sure it that saves script lists or not. But saving default will save the themes you create as well as the interface changes.

Thanks Richard. I tried Ctrl + U in 2.5 but nothing seemed to happen unless it saves it somewhere without letting me name it?

If anyone else knows if you can save a theme in 2.5 please chime in!


I still haven’t gotten this to work myself, I constantly have to change the 3d view bg color brightness in 2.5 and hope it will save theme colors sometime soon.

P.S. 2.5 is getting so darn nice!(IMO)

Do you see the Save As Default button? Right there to the left bottom of the Preferences window. Unforutnately it does not work yet. I can’t even find the save button in 2.5 lol. I found the file dialog, named the file but where in the **** is the save button? So I am sitting here with a open dialog and nothing to do. Enter does nothing. Anyway… One thing you can try is save your own default file manually in a directory, put that on your desk top - or whatever you call it on a mac - and open blender from there.

Thanks blenderificus and Richard. Yeah, here I created this great theme with cool colors and now I can’t save it. lol. Richard, yes I am on a mac and it is called the desktop on mac too. :slight_smile: Not sure I follow you though Are you talking about saving the “theme” to the desktop?

I’ve tried many methods thus far, and the only one that seems like it has any hope at this time is to run a python script(on startup) that includes all the changes to the UI(color, etc) that I want to perform…
however, after searching I’ve not yet found on the forums any hints as to creating a python script that I can run to tweak ui color elements of my choosing, preferably automatically on startup.

if anyone else can find python info as to how to do this, please post it, thanks much.

Sorry maybe I was not clear. It is a carry over old trick from LightWave back when it was a pain to save a default scene. Simply save a scene that has all of the settings in it. This is just a normal scene but it has all of your settings. Then if it is on your desktop you simply open the scene it and it loads the program with that scene. Do this rather than open the program from the program icon.

I was trying to test it on 2.5 to see if it is just a problem with being able to save these settings period (with any scene) or if it was just that the settings are not linked up to save yet as a default scene. Anyway I can’t figure out how to save a scene in 2.5 to even test it. lol! Got to be right there in my face, but I checked all of the icons and looked everywhere.

you were very clear, however that does NOT work in 2.5. 2.5 will not save the color UI changes you make to the .blend file either, nor will it load them after you save the customized .blend(from your desktop or any other directory), then reload the file after quitting 2.5. Until the devs allow for saving the UI color changes made to the default blend(.b25) or any other blend, there needs to be a python solution for now… I’m still looking around for help on that note

There is a way to do it…I’ve done it myself…the only problem is that for the life of me I can’t remember what I did :frowning:

Ahhh yes…I remember now!

Open up the outliner, set the view to ‘user preferences’, Then change the name of the ‘default’ theme to whatever you want. Here’s a pic:

Then do a Ctrl+U to save as default. This doesn’t delete the default theme, it simply creates a new one with the name you chose. It also appears to make it active and editable – So after doing this you should be able to save all of your colour preferences.

I think the problem stems from the fact that you can’t change the colours of the default theme – But I could be totally wrong about that.

Hope that helped.

It Works [email protected]!!! THANK YOU!!! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome. :rolleyes:

Cool! Glad that is working. Man this interface is heafty. Lots of stuff to sort though but very cool. Seems like we have access to so much more.

Now Save Blender File is showing up in the File Dialog. But then this time I had tried the short cut first. Before, I swear it was not to be found.

Well anyway back to work in 2.49b.

WOW!!! Thanks so much for sharing that,Optikz!! Perfect solution! :yes: