How to Save a Game in Blender?

I’ve got two questions to ask about my game I’m creating with Blender.

(1) - In my game, since it spans across several missions, I would like to be able to have a save option implemented. Is this possible in the BGE?

(2) - Also, I will probably be offering maps and other content for download for the game. How would I “insert” this content into the game–after it’s been created as a .exe?

Thanks for you help!

Yes, saving is possible in BGE, you need to learn python and need to learn the read/write functions to create and read file. Saving is easy, loading is a bit harder… :confused:

You can look at the latest version of my game and see the python script I made for saving and loading. You can use it if you want.

The easiest way for your “save” function would be to use the save function in the game actuator.

You might also find this thread helpful on your save function.

Also, on your second question you probably could use a python script, but I’m not totally sure so maybe another blender head could help you with that problem. :smiley: