How to save all render passes

How does one save all the render passes that are enabled? Also how do you save a pass like the Z pass (if possible), which doesn’t carry any color data, but carries useful scene data?

If you want to save the passes for further compositing you can save the render as a MultilayerEXR file format

For individual render passes you can connect each pass to a file output node. For the z pass you can save in a 32bit file format such as an .exr file

Alright, that should fit the bill. Thanks Richard!

I suggest MultiLayer because that’s what it’s meant for: lossless, floating-point (HDR), all the layers in one file. “Image” files are designed to store images for display. Therefore, coding and compression and gamma issues can occur. MultiLayer (and EXR in general) is meant for storing “digital data-sets” in a self-describing way and without numeric loss.

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Great, now I store my renders as Multilayer EXR files. I used to store them as PNG’s but that was super tedious.

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