How to save an animation file having .blend extension as a .avi file in blender2.42?

I have created a simple animation of a moving cube, a cube moving from left to right and have saved it as a .blend file. I want to save it as a .avi file. I typed /render/filename.avi in the first textbox of Output Panel, in the second text box i kept // and in the third textbox also i kept // . Then i pressed Enter. But it is not working. Plz guide me about how to save it as a .avi file.
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

To make an AVI video, you have to render each frame and have it assembled into the output file. Ctrl-F12 starts tha animation rendering process. Before you start it, you want to make sure to select your AVI codec in the render scene panel (F10, Format tab, lower combo box, select AVI Codec, then a pop up window will prompt you for the codec to use).

Be aware that if there are a lot of frames, making the video can take quite some time.

You can’t use the Save command to create an anmation.

This thread has all the information you need :


My animation of the moving cube contains only three frames. In the output panel i typed /dip/three.avi in the first textbox, in the second textbox i kept // and in the third textbox also i kept //. Then in the format panel in the lower combobox i selected AVI jpeg since i didnot see AVIcodec entry there. Then i clicked the ANIM button . But the rendering didnot continue after frame 1 and the message in terminal was: “cannot open or start AVI movie fileAppend frame 1 Time: 00:05.23
Saved session recovery to /tmp/quit.blend”
Plz guide me where i am wrong and can i view the .avi file in blender or in other application?
Thanking you.
Sikha Devi

That all sounds like it should work.

Are you on Windows or Linux or MacOs ?

The only thing I can think of is that if you’re on Linux or Mac that the directory “/dip” doesn’t exist and you don’t have permission to create it.

Instead of typing “/dip/xxx” in the box, click on the little icon of a file folder to the left of the box and browse to an existing directory on your system. You can also create directories in that browser by typing a directory name in the top box and pressing enter. If the OS encounters an error creating the directory via the file browser, then (I think) Blender will report that error immediately.

Also AVI codec is right above Avi Jpeg in the format list :slight_smile:


I don’t think there is an option for AVI codec in the LINUX version of Blender 2.42. I use the WIN version and my brother uses the LINUX version and I’m pretty sure he mentioned not having the option.

Anyway, I think Mike_S is on the right track and I would second the motion to just browse to an install directory and then try your ANIM output that way.