How to save blender objects in files or on the web via API?

Hi there, someone know ho to save a blender object in a text or binary file?
Let me explain better my request: From a python script executed from the blender script/text editor i want to conditionally select an object (I can do this) and save it to an external repository to be recalled in another point in time from another script.
If the typical blender object (let say: a Suzanne) can be cpickled (anyone tried this?) or can be converted to (even irreadable) text, I have no problem, but I dont know how. Also, it will be interesting to send this chunk of data to a web address, a receiving web application, via CGI, can store it in a sql db…
So, how I can convert a blender object in text to be saved and reopened?
Alternatively, it is possibile from the API to save only a singular object from a scene in a .blend file?

Thanks in advance

Oh sorry, I forgotten to tell I’m interested in a solution for the 2.5x series API