How to save initial position of control

I have a control for my rig, and moving it around in turn deforms my object. But I need some way to reset the control back to its original position.

I came from Maya, and in Maya you would always make sure that your controls had a translation of zero so that you could “zero out” your translations to reset the controller.

A few notes:

  • Ctrl + A does not work for location, because it resets the pivot point to the center. I need to have my pivot point remain on my control.
  • I don’t really want to have to have to parent every control to another object just so that I can move the parent and keep the child’s location intact. That would just take a long time and be pretty convoluted to do for many controls. Unless someone has a script for it?

Is there any other way to in some way save the initial position of a controller so that I can reset it when I need to?

For objects, Object / Clear

For bone, Pose / Clear Transform

Thanks for the reply! Unfortunately that doesn’t work for my particular situation, though, because it actually moves my controller back to the center of the grid. I need some way for my controller to stay put where it is (which is near the thing it controls).