How to save PBR nodes as default in blender 2.8?

So, i was following blender guru tutorial about pbr materials, and i got the node tree by appending node trees from Blender guru’s blend files.

BAnyone know how to save it so i dont need to append everytime i model something new blend files?

i tried save as defaults, but still no PBR Dielectric and PBR metals in material node shader search tab.

Activate Fake User for the Nodes and then File->Defaults->Save Startup File

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Collect all node trees you have in a separate file, i.e. UsefulNodeTrees.
All node trees should have a fake user.
Then you link those node trees to a new file you then save as startup file.

Arent those outdated now? Didn’t he make those before we got the principled shader, and now that the principled shader exists we kinda dont need them?

There are times when you don’t want or can’t use Principled but still want the outputs.
And it’s good exercise in order to understand why we do certain things.

ah right, i just watched the ultimate principled shader by blend guru. PBR dielectric and metal now obsolete…

lesson learned XD

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