How to save renders

How can you save your rendered scene in blender? is it just a screen capture of the render or is there annother way to do this? If so, What file types can you save it as (jpeg, ect.)

Set your format in F10 in the Format tab and goto File >> Save Image and type in the name of the image AND the ext; Foobar.jpg. Click Save.


ha i used to use print screen untill i found out to use the blender way…

Render the Image then you can close the render screen then save it… (rendering differnt sizes will make the image you save that size)
Remember putting the format type at the end when you save it e.g sphere.jpeg … if you just type sphere and save it will save into another weird file you can look at… so remember .blabla (what eva format)

Activate the render-window + F3

OK, Thanks

P.S. How do you change the render size? I’ve tried render settings but when I push the button nothing happens.

Look in scene buttons (F10) at the panel that says format. Set your sizeX to the width and SizeY to the Height you want your picture.

You can also do it based off of a percentage of the pixels by looking in the render panel and clicking 100%, 75%, 50%, or 25%.