how to save the painting when it is not finished?


how do you save the painting in the uv editor, so that you can close Blender and come back later? “save image” is to apply the image at the end, but what if you want to continue the work on the same image?


In the Image Editor window save the image from the Image / Save as Image and then reload the image file when you re-open your blend file or use Image / Pack as png to save the image inside your blend file. I’d recommend saving the image and then pack in your blend.

on a related note in blender 2.66 could you list the steps needed to given an already UV mapped item (in OBJ format)
1 create a material
2 link an existing PNG as a texture
3 begin texture painting
4 save all files for future use

(this is part of the Bad Wolf Ballet project)

“and then reload the image file when you re-open your blend file”

I will have to set the texture as UV etc. but will it be possible to continue painting on the same image? It looks like, if I want to paint a bit more on the same image, that I have to recreate another image in the uv editor…

no. you can keep working on your image after you saved it.

when you re load your file, open the uv editor with the UV map that you a re working on selected then, on the header where it says “new” (big button, can’t miss it) click the little image icon and it will bring up a list of available textures, select the appropriate one and continue editing.

Perfect, thank you very much!