How to save/use normal maps exported from Substance Designer?

I have problem using normal maps created in Substance Designer. It ignores the small details of the normal map texture. There is a node “normal to height” in SD and I used it as a bump texture.

The bump texture is good for small details but the look of the stones are not right, however with normal map the stones are just what it should be.

Here is the node setup. (Check “uber shader tutorial” to see how the “Reflection” node was made but its not important)

Using the bump node:

Using the Normal Map node:

If I could combine the two somehow would be the best. Generally using the bump with black and white image has better results with other textures so I don’t really know what to do.

If I could combine the two somehow would be the best.
Using bump and normal maps together

Are you using the normal map node in SD? That should embed a height map in the alpha channel of the normal map. This actually makes Cycles really angry though. It tries to premultiply the normal map with the height map, which of course completely corrupts the normal map. You can use the sbsar node from this post to clean it out if you want the normals:

It should match though, or at least always has for me. Two other things to watch out for: Make sure the normal map format is set as OpenGL in Substance. The default is DirectX, but Cycles only supports OpenGL. Also, as usual set the normal map to non-color data so Cycles doesn’t try to reverse gamma correct it.