How to save UV Face Layout without script?

Please let me know how to save UV face layout without script. I tried to use (image/new) in uv window with an unwrapped set of faces in it, but it does not creat an image of that, just black image. My script works, but I do not like the stacking of uv images for multiple unwrapping. Version 2.48

Without using the ‘Save UV Face Layout’ script you are just making something that is straightforward incredibly complicated. It’s the only practical way of doing it. Why are you using 2.48, a version more than a year old ?


Good morning,
The reason I am interested in knowing how to save that way, is because I do not like the stackup of mesh images when I export the next uv face layout. They show up even if I have the latest uv set active and it is the only one visible during export. If there is a way to have only one export at a time then that is my true goal. I have 2.48, because is has suited my needs, but do intend to update to 2.5 soon.
Thanks for the reply.

Use Print Screen button then crop the UV Layout frame.

That’s how we did it before the script. screenshot.