How to Save your Blender Game

Alrighty…so I know that you have to go to File>Save Runtime to save you game to play it with out Blender…but when I go to do that. I get a little box that says:

Unable to make Runtime: Unable to find Runtime.

What does this mean? And, why can’t I save my game? Is there anything I must do before saving the runtime?? Help please!!

I think that you are clicking dynamic runtime instead of just runtime.
hope this helps

Put the file you want to save in the same folder as the blender player?!

Are you using a Mac?

Thats very odd :confused:
have you tried reinstalling blender??

by the way:
What is the difference “save between dynamic runtime” and
the normal “save runtime”?
What is the dynamic one used for and how can you use it.

I don’t know the difference between the two, but I get the same error message when I accidentally press the dynamic runtime button.

auttiexwaki: Can you clarify if you are trying to make a dynamic runtime or just a runtime