How to scale a path without scaling dupliframes

I am trying to make a pyramid of cans like you might see in a grocery store.

It seemed like the quick way to do that would be to use a bezier circle as path and have the cans dupliframed around the circle.

The only problem is that when I scale the circular path to make the next higher tier the cans get smaller too since I have the single real can parented to the path.

Is there a way to scale the path without having the cans scale too?


when you scale down the path, remember how much you scaled it by

… then scale the can by the inverse amount… [if you scaled down .9, scale up 1.111…]

If you use dupliverts on a circle, or any other shape, you can scale the shape in edit mode and this will leave the cans the same size.

Actually I just tried it using dupliframes, following a circle path. By scaling the path in edit mode, the cans stayed the same size.