How to scale an object to a predetermined size of some exes?

What I mean - I know I can press S and then 3 (for example) which will scale all the 3 axes at x3; but I am asking if it is possible to scale all the 3 axes at once by inputting the final size of one of the axes.
For example if the sizes are 1.80 m/0.74 m/1.24 m and I want to scale it so the Y size become 1.00 m - I know I can divide 1/0.74=1.351 so I can scale everything by x1.351.
But my question is can I make it in some way just by putting 1m in Y w/o the need to divide the values before? If I just put 1m there it will scale only Y axe.

import bpy[“Cube”].scale[1] =[“Cube”].scale[0][“Cube”].scale[2] =[“Cube”].scale[0]

If I get your question right, the answer is yes. You can insert metric values to scale your model.

If you can’t see those fields, press the N key when in object mode to open/close the tab.

Just put in the values you want. Be aware that doing so will change the scale of the object too. Press Ctrl+A to apply the transformation/scale, so the object can behave as intended.