How to scale character with armature that already have animation in it?

Hi all:D

As the title said. I have animated a character, now have 600+frames and find out it way to small for the game engine i use. I try to rescale in rest position but only the current frame got scale. How to scale it for the whole animation. Thanks

What units in blender did you use? What game engine are you using? What type of export are you using? (FBX?) Most exports can be scaled, most game engines have a scale for import? We need some better information. In Blender, did you key scale? Do you need it? How much more do you need to scale? Sometime you can just change your units in Blender. Sometimes you can just change the export from Blender. Sometimes you can just change the import into the game engine. Sometimes you can just delete the scale keys. Was your scale applied in Blender for the mesh and armature? Do you have your rig named Armature if you are using UE4, if so change it’s name to get it to scale correctly. Sometime you can just scale everything but rotation if F curves? Help us out so we can help you. Post a blend file with a little more detail.

i use GameGuru, which is 1:40 blender default unit to GG.

Ok. Maybe for learning purpose we just leave out the game engine variable. Let say i just want to scale the readily animated character from start frame to end with 40x scale. What is the method beside going to scale keyframe by keyframe. Thanks for the respond.

can you just scale the root bone or hip? Parent the rig to an empty and scale the empty?

Can’t really see what you have. Would help to supply a blend. But if you can’t use export scaling and you want to just rescale in Blender, then you need to unparent your mesh from the armature. Scale your mesh up and apply your transforms. Then fit your armature in Edit mode for the new mesh. Assuming your armature now has the scale at one and you set keyframes on scale, you need to have your armature maintain the same scale in the animation. Reparent your armature. Sure would be easier to guess if you can supply a blend. But this usually will work if scaling with the empty won’t work for you.