How To Scale Displacement map?

I’m using a seamless texture, which is scaled several times and I was thinking of applying displacement modifier to it, but i bumped into a problem, I cant set exact size as I have in texture, So i was wondering if there is a way to scale the displacement map in Displacement modifier, like there’s a way of scaling a texture through Mapping node, so that I could apply the exact amount of displacement based on the texture scale. . . ?

If you’re not relying on UVs, use the built-in “object” coordinates with an Empty. If the model moves around, parent the Empty to the object to keep the mapping in place. It may look wobbly during transformations, but should be consistent at render time.

With UVs, you can use an UV Warp Modifier to tweak the coordinates.
I’d set it up like this:
Create two empties, a box and a sphere.
Parent the sphere to the box.
In the modifier, use the box as “From”, the sphere as “to”.
Now you can move the box any which way, and G/R/S the sphere for mapping manipulation.

This obviously has to be a different UV Set than any you use for regular mapping, and the lack “copy UV set” button might prove an annoyance.