How to scale/extrude an edge proportionally outwards from a custom shape?

Im trying to make a letter S from scracht, practising ‘good’ topology.
I have the basic shape, but I would like to ‘extrude’ the outer edge to make the letter thicker. However, im not sure how to do this. When I select it and press S, it doesnt scale proportionally. It doesnt go outwards along the edge. Not only is it not proportionally, but its also the wrong direction in some places.

Same goes for the edgeloop that is on the inside of the outer edge… I want to make it smaller around the entire shape, so that the faceloop between outer edge and the one inside of it…gets wider… But same problem with this one… When I scale it smaller…its doesnt scale proportionally inwards…

I know this works when I just use a cube…so I think it has to to with the origin point that determines what direction the scaling goes, am I right?

Can somebody tell me how do do this? I have tried changing pivot points, but with no luck…

Use “Alt+S” for Shrink/Fatten.

The Offset Edges addon is great for this.

Thank you for your replies…The offset addon is indeed the solution i was looking for. It even lets me choose between edges only and extruding…so thank you!

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Also, this is part of the Mesh Tools addon that ships with Blender(you just need to activate it in prefs), so you can use that instead of installing a separate addon just for offset edges.