How to 'scale' keyframes?

I have an armature rig that I use as a basis for characters. It has a predefined walkcycle that I can just use whenever a character needs to walk. HOWEVER, different characters have different heights, made by simpy scaling the rig. They all use the same walk animation, though, meaning the same stride length, which makes short characters have insanely long strides and tall characters silly short strides. All because the keyframes for the walk animation are not scaled along with the actual rig.

Is there a way to scale the coordinates of keyframes as if they were physiical locations of bones and the like??

Edit: I know that I can manually scale individual animation curves, but it’s a very clumsy approach. I am hoping for some elegant and efficient feature that was actually designed to scale animations, as elegantly and effectively as models etc. can be scaled.

not sure, but maybe this will answer your question:


That’s actually close to what I do now. I was hoping to find a mor straight forward way to do it (the explanation in the article is good and short, but I know now that the actual method is pretty finicky and timconsuming, if a lot of animation is involved).

One thing that might make it easier for you is filtering f-curves by text strings. If you click on the filters drop down in the graph editor, you can enter the text string “loc” to filter channels to show only location keyframes. That makes selection much easier-- just select all.

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I did, but it’s still a lot of nitpicking, getting the curves right and then adjusting them (can I scale them around zero somehow??).

Yes. You can set the cursor location in the graph editor, in sidebar/view, and then choose the cursor as your pivot point, probably from the . pie menu in the graph editor (but interfaces may vary.)

Didn’t realize that was the problem-- that should make it pretty simple :slight_smile:

It was a problem, really. I was hoping someone would reply “silly person, you just use Feature X”, but failing that, at least this makes a manual scaling a lot quicker!