How to scale mesh with rig?

How to scale a mesh with rig, see the blender file below:
scale_mesh_rig.blend (486 KB)
I make a mesh object of two cube, then add rig to it, it’s OK, but if want to do alignment with other object, I just scale the mesh to a fit unit length, then the rigs do not work, so any tips?

From my experience, if you want to rescale a rigged mesh, you must also rescale the rig. Do it in Object mode. You can then apply the scale to the object but NOT to the armature. Blender really doesn’t like that. :wink:


if you only need to scale it once to fit other elements in your scene, then you can indeed scale it in object mode. Some rigs can be scaled in pose mode too, which allows for the scale to be animated.


Thanks very much