How to scale with mirror modifier as if modifier was applied?

From what I know the scaling action has changed since Blender 2.8 when editing while using an unapplied mirror modifier. I want my object to scale just like Image 1 (evenly towards the center from all 8 corners). Unfortunately, this only works with the full mesh and not when editing with an unapplied mirror modifier.

If I use a mirror modifier (Image 2) the mesh only scales towards 1/4th of the full geometry.

Turning on clipping doesn’t help either, as then the Octagon scales into a square (Image 3).

Any suggestions?

Snap the 3D cursor to your object’s origin point, then set the pivot point as the 3D cursor. Your edit mode selection should transform in the same way it does in object mode.

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Thanks alot, it worked.

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