how to schedule my time

hi guys im learning modelling and animation but i have problems managing my time
lets say i have 4 hours per day learning modelling and animation
how to manage time ? e.x first week do only modeling?
second week only animation?
or 2 hours animation 2 hours modelling per day?

only you can decide what works best for you…start out what you are comfortable with and then move on…that is my advice, but only you know.

concentrate much more on modelling. if you play with animation, stick with basic stick figure puppet models. Or even just skeletons.

In the end, what do you want to do more of? Animate or model? Or do you aspire to be a generalist? It’s difficult to answer your question without really knowing your goals.

If you developing Games they both depend from each , my suggest build a game or a animated movie you will use both if its necessary

You should add priority for yourself. Learning animation is not easy, I think you should create a plan: which will you learn in a week, make your goal and manage some hours per day to archive it.

make a plan which rewards you for doing things that are hard. Take small breaks when needed. But try to increase your ability to focus and learn the harder things that you will find yourself resisting.
This is something I still struggle with. Also try to narrow down what you need to learn to a smaller load of things.