How to scrub for lip sync

Hi all, I am now trying to learn lip sync and is following this tutorial:

I loaded a sound file in sound block buttons panel, enabled sync and scrub. I opened TimeLine window and action window. Now I dont understand how to know which frames the key sounds occur. I play in sound block button but the green line showing frame number in timeline or action window does not move. If I press Alt+A in timeline or action window, the frame indicator moves but the audio is not played. Can some one tell me what is missing? Thanks in advance.

You don’t load the audio in the sound block buttons window, you load it in the Sequencer. You then turn on the Sync and Scrub in the Sound>Sequencer panel.

(I guess I should add a Sequencer image to the tutorial to clear that up - sorry.)

So, go to the Sequencer Window (not the small panel where the Sync/Scrub buttons are) and Shift-A>Add Audio. You should get an audio strip which you position where you want it.

Now, when you drag the green frame marker over the strip or press Alt-A you should hear sound.

I have this weird feeling that if you load sound in the sound-block (intended for game engine) it might interfere with audio in the Sequencer. Hopefully you don’t have this problem or you’ll need to find out how to delete the sound-block audio - which I also have a strange feeling isn’t so easy. Hopefully I’m wrong :confused:

If you still have problems, ask again. Good luck.

One other thing, when you press Alt-A, Blender only animates the window your mouse cursor is over so the green marker may not move if you don’t have that window active. SHIFT-ALT-A will playback more windows together, depending where the mouse is positioned.

When you do this playback, you may find the syncing is pretty rough. This is dependent on how fast Blender is able to animate your model in real-time on your computer. If it’s too rough, try turning off subsurf and hiding any unimportant objects on other layers.

Hi AndyD, Thank you for the reply and thank you very much for the great tutorial, with out which I would have no clue of how to do lip sync.

I tried to load .wav file (downloaded from 10 second club) in sequencer but it gives me error “Only 16 bit audio is supported”. Can you explain me this? Thank you very much again for the reply and the tutorial.

Happened to me also, I used to open the wav and the File/Export as Wav.

If you’re in windows you can use the Sound Recorder in Accessories to open the Wav and when saving change the type to 16bit.

Or you can pm me your email and I send it to you :smiley:

i don’t know if it’s still this way, but it has been my experience that you have to play the sound first with alt+a in order for scrub to work.

“16 bit audio” refers to the format of the wav file.

Digital audio files can use different formats. “16bit” is typical “CD quality” format.

Some more info on digital recording is here (The article talks about 65,536 gradations … 65,536 is the largest number that can be represented by 16bits


Thank you all for the suggestions. I saved using Sound Recorder as ondrew suggested and it worked for me. But I see some noise being added. So can I do lipsync wiht this file and do a MIXDOWN for original file at the end to combine with video? Will this work with out any problems.

Does it sound “noisy” when you play it via Alt-A or only when you’re scrubbing? The playback on Scrub is pretty rough as it only plays frames, not milliseconds.

If it’s noisy on normal playback then test the audio file in something else (iTunes, Quicktime or whatever else Windows users use) to see if it’s the file or just Blender. If the file is noisy then it’s something to do with the conversion. If the file plays okay elsewhere, then try doing a MIXDOWN from Blender to make sure it is also producing a clean file.

At some point you’ll probably find you want Audacity as well (more open source freeware for the collection) as this gives you access to a good suite of audio editing tools.

Hi, I will check the file in other players today evening (evening for me). I have audacity installed, but I dont see an option to set bits at which I want to save. There is just export as wav option which exports with out asking for how many bits I want to use.

In Audacity, to the left of the soundwave, in the panel with the mute and solo buttons, press the menu button at the top and go down to “Set Sample Format” and set 16 bit from there.

Ok got that. Thank you very much AndyD. So nice of you. You helped me alot. Thanks…

After giving up, and then returning to try again, I have to agree with this. Once I hit Alt-A, I’m able to scrub the audio. Before that, I get nothing.

Also, depending on the kkhz you srub with, you could get some wierd errors.
I scrubed it in the higher khz(like 48?) and my audio came out as a creepy scream . I almost blew my speakers! The audio played fine in everything else( and as an intermediate auido designer, i do know what im talking about…mostly) Anyway, and yeah, as ANDY said, scrubbing is just like skipping ‘frames’ in sound…
good luck anyway man

Just an update since this has been bumped anyway, audio will scrub better if you optimse your 3D view. You can do this by hiding unimportant layers and turning OFF subsurf on the mesh(es) and playback just one 3D window with Alt-A rather than the shift-Alt-A multiple window option.

Thanks for the help there. That’s great to know.

I found the subsurf to be the biggest killer on my meager machine. Even one small mesh with subs. on will really drag down the playback.