How to sculpt a horse' hair in a chess game

Hi everyone!

As I just wanted to make a chess game for another scene I wanted to try sculpting the horse figure. Since this is my first attempt with sculpting in a real personal project I am pretty happy with the result.
There are 4 main parts of the horse that needs more attention imho:

  • The hair on the back. And I am pretty clueless what I could do here.
  • The mouth: I’d like to make ‘hole’ between the lips
  • Eventually the ear. But since this is a replication of a figure I am not sure if it rlly needs more attentention.
  • Smoothing the face a bit more

For those three topics I would love to hear you opinion how you would go on. For any other tips I am grateful too… so thank you very much so far!

could you post a sketch or something of what you want it to look like?