How to see cursor in edit mode?

I am using Windows 2.44 version of Blender, and I can only occasionally see the cursor in edit mode. I can’t find any way to change its color, or its style. The cursor is grey on (slightly) darker grey while I move it, but when I stop, it becomes the exact same shade as the grey background. Very frustrating!

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


You do! The cursor isn’t blender’s, but is your windows cursor.

You can change it by selecting mouse in setting/control panel/mouse and then choosing a new one. If you are using windows.

Dont know what you would do for other machines.

I have tried changing the cursor in window’s control panel, but Blender does not use the new cursor that was selected. It continues to use the small grey plus sign. Blender uses a very similar grey for its background, and then the mouse completely disappears when I stop moving it.

Is there anything else that can be done?


Really? It should work. Which cursor are you using? I use cross_rl.cur and it works perfectly.

What about changing the background color?

Pull down the User Preferences window on top, select ‘Themes’ and change the background color for the 3D View and ‘Save Default Settings’ with Ctrl+U.

That is the same cursor that I was using. I replaced it with a multi-color custom cursor that ought to be visible on top of anything. My custom cursor shows up only in the control panel.

Thanks for the hint. I did not know I could change the background.

When the mouse is visible, I can see it with much better contrast now. Unfortunately, when I stop moving the mouse, it still disappears. I wonder if this has something to do with the display driver for my T60 laptop.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Try switching from 24 bit color to 16 bit.

OK. Problem solved.
I really like the effect of pointer trails on my mouse. This does not work with Blender. Once I disable the pointer trails, then Blender becomes easy to use.

Thanks for all the suggestions.