How to see measurements between 2 points?

I’m new to blender and modelling, and I’m currently trying to create a one floor motel house, however due to the building plan I’m using being kind of low resolution, and anti aliased, the lines are kind of blurry, so when I create the door gaps for each wall, it is very hard to see if each gap is the same size.

So, I’m wondering how I can measure the length between 2 points, so that I can make each door gap exactly the same width.
I would prefer the measurements to be in the metric system, since I am not familiar with the imperial one.

Or if there are any other ways to achieve what I’m trying to create I would be happy to hear those as well. :slight_smile:

Enable edge length display in edit mode

Oh, thank you. That was a lot simpler than I expected.
I did find a solution after hours of searching, with a plugin called “measureit”.
I had no idea blender even had plugins until now.

Also, how do I mark my question as solved? :stuck_out_tongue: