How to See Normal Directions In Blender Render

I am having to fix the normals on one of my models so that they all face inside. It is very hard to see which ones are facing which way. Is there any way to color the normals where one direction is one color and one another, say inside: black, outside: green for example? That would make it a lot easier to see. I just don’t see that option available in the user preferences panel.

Append the material in the attached blend. Add it to your object and change to textured view mode and GLSL shading

Flipped faces will appear pink


back-front_faces.blend (86.9 KB)

Nice trick Richard !

Additionally you can try to press N then at the display tab then enable “Backface Culling”

The faces with wrong normals will look as if they become invisible (as a face with normals inverted will have the backface in front instead of the back).
This will help to see exactly which face have inverted normals

Or in the Object Data panel, at the normals tab you can disable “Double Sided” and the faces with inverted normals will have a darker shading on them

Backface culling works extremely well in Cycles. Thanks for that tip.