How to see only a wire-frame in "solid" viewport mode

Hi, this may sound like a strange question but I’m looking for a setting that will allow me to see a “wireframe” in “solid” viewport mode for an object.
I’m working on an eye-ball and I can’t see the iris because the cornea (which will be glass material) when “rendered” is shade solid in the viewport display.
Thanks for your help in advance.

In the cornea is a separate object change its Minimum Draw Type to wireframe in the object properties (cube icon) under Display.
If it is a transparent material you could also enable Transparency in the same panel
or just hide the mesh with H (unhide with Alt+H)

What Rich had said.

Although you can set only one object at a time like that. I would suggest using the Display Tools addon. That would allow you to set display properties on multiple object selections.