How to see whats on all layers? and Repeat question.

When I render my scene, I only see whatever is on the current layer. How can I set it up so I can view everything so far?
I’m following that tutorial.

Also, when I render the fur tree, the texture doesn’t appear properly. I assume its because I missed out this step: “Set the “Xrepeat” value to 2 (the Xrepeat button is underneath the “Load image” one).”

I couldn’t find where that is located.

Can anybody help?

Prior to rendering if you press Shift+~ (being the tilde key next to the 1 key) all layers will become visible allowing you to render everything. Pressing this key combination again toggles back to the previous layer state.

For your texture question press F6 and look under the "Map Image " tab for the Xrepeat multiplier

or you could press the key to the left of one and above tab (not sure what it is called)
this makes all layers visible