How to select a whole edge in side view

In this this by David Ward, he select what looks like one corner in side view at 1:01 min but seeing it a little later he somehow selected all point behind that first one.

I just started today so sorry if this is a very very basic question. But I tried all commands that where showing in the down left corner of the video but I can’t make it work.

How can I do this?

I’m in a Mac if that makes a difference.


At 0:40 he turns off the ‘Limit Selection to Visible’ button on the 3d view header (the button to the right of the vertex/edge/face select buttons)

In David Wards video creating-cartoon-style-groundhog-part-1 he somehow selects a whole edge behind a point that you can see in the video at 1:01 minutes.

How can I do this?
I’ve tried the key combinations that can be seen in the video but it doesn’t work. I’m on a mac if that makes a difference.

Any help appreciated!


As you can see in the bottom left there, he presses the C key. Does pressing C key bring up the circle select tool?

If it does and you are just having problem selecting all the vertices, switch to wireframe mode.

You can also try B key for border select.


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