How to select domain cube AFTER baking?


I’m learning how to simulate fluids. So I make a domain cube, a fluid, and an obstacle, and bake it. If I don’t like the way it came out, I may want to change some settings for the domain cube. Baking seems to make the domain cube disappear, but it’s really still there. I just can’t see it.

In the Links and Materials tab, there are a three cube datablocks named, which is two more cubes than I put into the scene. They are: cube, cube 001, and cube 002.

My interface question is: how can I select the domain cube after baking, if I can’t see it? Please see attached file “liquid landscape 1.blend.”

Thank you,

Clinton Crowley
Fort Worth, Texas


liquid landscape 1.blend (406 KB)

The fluid that you see get created during the simulation is the domain object. Select that to adjust its settings.

Your attached blend does not contain any objects set for a fluid simulation.


I typically name the cube “domain” then have a small outliner viewport and select the domain by name in that window.

The fluid that results from the bake IS the domain. So when you select the fluid, you are selecting the domain and can alter all the settings you were able to access before the bake.