How to select multiple points of a 3d object at once ?

in ortho-view i’m trying to select certain front and back vertices of a 3d object at once.

Following , it says to hit B for rectangular selection, then Ctrl right mouse button, but it always selects only 1 vertex yet.

How is this done ?


Holding down Ctrl button while selecting keeps previous selection and adds new selection to it. Are you holding it down long enough? Ctrl must be down before mouse down and must still be down on mouse button up. It works just as in every other software. Are you actually dragging the box selection box over all the vertices that you want to select?

… hm, im trying the rectangle select. i hit B and shift or ctrl and left or right mouse button (all variations tried) draw the rectangle and keep shift or ctrl pressed until finished the rectangle and released the mouse button for the rectangle.
But this way nothing is selected. Have no idea what im doing wrong, sure rectangle selected years long in other software :open_mouth:

ok i see i had Limited Selection To Visible.
That’s why it didn’t work.
Now i can select all and de-select with B shift rectangle.
B Ctrl rectangle is not working here though, it then just doesn’t draw a rectangle with any mouse-button pressed to draw the rectangle.

depending on personal preference, using the “Z” key to toggle into and out of wire frame is another option, also “c” circle selection using mouse wheel to adjust size is useful, less mouse movement, 2 handed workflow idea.


thx ,

Ctrl was a lasso select mode: hold Ctrl and draw a lasso shape around needed verts.
Shift is add to selection (like in all softwares).
C(ircle) or B(ox) select modes do not need Shift key for add to selection.

thx, yes my confusion was with ortho view and “Limit selection to visible” on.