How to select multiple verticles

I’m creating a tree and I dunno how to select all the vertexes put in one point. For example when I make a branch from a cylinder I scale the tip of the branch down to zero. The problem is I cannot select all the vertexes of the tip of the branch. I’ve tried B and Ctrl+Left mouse button selection, none worked.

Select all vertices (A) and remove doubles, then just select the single merged vertex or
Use wireframe view mode or
Disable the ‘Limit Selection to Visible’ option on the 3d view header or
Select a loop near the end and extend the selection (Ctrl/Numpad+)

I usually go straight for wireframe mode, then either B or C select. Didn’t notice the ‘Limit Selection to Visible’. If there’s a shortcut key for that I might start using it…

Hi, I’m trying to move more than one vertices by using box select but when i right click to move the mesh after selecting multiple vertices only one of them moves. (I press BKEY then select the vertices, then right click to move the object but this automatically re-selects the top vertex and I am only able to move one of them). I want to know how to move multiple vertices/faces it will make my modelling possible otherwise I’m quite garfunkled.:yes:

also to clarify I am 100% certain that I have all vertices that I want to move selected by using box select, I am in edit mode and I have limit selection to visible [deselected].


The KAzMeister:evilgrin:

try using edge collapse option… this way all the edges that meet in one point are joined by a single vertex. this is how I solved my problem… you have the edge collapse option in the delete menu…