How to select only the end points of the mesh?

I’m posting because I’m facing a problem.
Can I select only the end points of the mesh from the geometry node?
The purpose of use is to select only the bricks at the end point of the mesh in the attached picture and make them stick out.
Thank you for always answering!

Endpoints of a mesh sounds a bit arbitrary for me, so i am not exactly sure what you mean. Maybe something like this helps?


That’s right!
I never thought of using Convex Hull.
However, if the structure of the Convex Hull is complicated, there are problems that cannot be detected some points and problems that occur in the center line.
Convex Hull seems to be an ingenious solution in a non-complex building!
But I don’t think I’m going to use this deformed building, but I have a desire to solve the problem.
Thank you for suggesting a new way :slight_smile:

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Another way to get the corner points (that is what i will call them) is to use the edge angle:

Which lead to maybe unwanted points on geometry extruded to the inside. To get rid of them you could combine it with the hull selection:


Thank you for giving me a good solution.

Using that method, I tried to remove corner points and put L-shaped bricks, but failed.
There are places where the rotation value of the curve to points is reversed.
I was thinking give a separate rotation for the top and bottom, but it wasn’t.
I think I should try to approach it in a new way.
Attached is the node I used!

My approach would be to transfer the normals from the original mesh and align your bricks according to that.